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Benefits of EPS

The benefits of EPS insulation: EPS or airpop® is a comfort cover. It is a money saver. And above all it is healthy for the environment.

EPS benefits

  • Excellent thermal insulation
    EPS is 98 percent air, and is therefore and excellent thermal insulation material.
  • Proven acoustic insulation
    EPS absorbs sound, both impact sound in floating floors and airborne sound for walls.
  • Moisture resistant
    EPS resists degradation by absorption of water.
  • Lifetime durability
    EPS does not decompose. It therefore provides lifetime application.
  • Flexible mechanical properties
    With its flexible production process, the mechanical properties of EPS can be adjusted to suit every specified application.
  • Versatile
    EPS can be manufactured in almost any shape or size, and is compatible with a wide variety of materials.
  • Cost-effective EPS offers the best price/performance ratio compared to any other insulation material.
  • Easy to transport
    EPS is almost as light as air, so it saves fuel in transport.
  • Easy to install
    EPS is light, practical, safe and comfortable to handle and install.

Insulation Spider – Comparison of Insulation Materials

The Swiss consultancy firm "Büro für Umweltchemie" (BFU) has developed a multi-criteria evaluation and comparison of different insulation materials ("Insulations Spider"). The selection of the criteria represents the whole life cycle, including all aspects that are important according to common practice and standards. EPS insulation materials perform excellent in all applications! Find the complete report for download at the bottom of this page. On behalf of EUMEPS, BfU made a presentation at the Global Insulation Conference in Vienna ( PDF, 1.93 MB) (September 2018) on the Insulation Spider.

BFU Report and Fact sheets
pdf 6.41 MB

Article PAGE30 Global Insulation Magazine


pdf 1.93 MB

BFU Presentation "Multi-criteria Comparison of Insulation Materials" at GIC


pdf 1.84 MB

BFU Report "Multi-criteria Comparison of Insulation Materials"


pdf 715.3 kB

Condensed BFU Report "Multi-criteria Comparison of Insulation Materials"


pdf 266.38 kB

Insulation Spider - Evaluation and Comparison of ETICS Insulation


pdf 301.48 kB

Insulation Spider - Evaluation and Comparison of Flat Roof Insulation


pdf 228.44 kB

Insulation Spider - Evaluation and Comparison of Floor Insulation


pdf 240.54 kB

Insulation Spider - Evaluation and Comparison of Perimeter Insulation


pdf 277.42 kB

Insulation Spider - Evaluation and Comparison of Ventilated Façade Insulation