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Energy savings

EPS insulation saves money by reducing energy bills.
EPS, as an effective insulation material prevents energy loss and therefore helps to conserve fossil fuels, prevents carbon dioxide emissions which cause the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Comparison of insulation performance

Grey EPS 1 cm thick offers the same insulation performance as 72 cm reinforced concrete!

Insulation Performance

First passive house in Germany

The first passive house project involving the installation of 27.5 cm EPS insulation in the outer walls of the building was successfully completed at Kranichstein (Germany) as early as 1991.


Project data

Year built: 1991
Floor area: 624 m²
Heat demand: 10.5 kWh/m²a

Renovation of a multi-family dwelling in Vienna

The renovation of a multi-family dwelling in Vienna using expanded polystyrene insulation demonstrates impressively that it is possible to slash the heat demand by 95 % compared with the previous level.


Project data

Year built: 1888 / renovation: 2012 - 2014
Floor area as-built: 618 m²
Floor area loft extension: 215 m²
Heat demand prior to renovation: 178 kWh/m²a
Heat demand following renovation: 7.6 kWh/m²a

Fact sheet "EPS offers outstanding insulation properties" ( PDF, 178.15 kB)
Fact sheet "EPS saves valuable energy" ( PDF, 172.79 kB)